• Image of Tapestry Weaving One-to-One : Shape & Composition
  • Image of Tapestry Weaving One-to-One : Shape & Composition
  • Image of Tapestry Weaving One-to-One : Shape & Composition

Appointment Only- email christybalfour@hotmail.com to book.
Peckham, London

The Shape & Composition One-to-One is a three-hour class exploring the use of shape-building and composition in tapestry weaving. It’s suitable for both beginners and more advanced weavers.

Over the course of the class we’ll explore how imagery is created in tapestry weaving and how a design on paper can be translated onto the loom. This includes weaving both geometric and irregular shapes- designs with clearcut outlines vs imagery which is more blended and subtle- and how to plan out designs using tapestry cartoons and paper cut-outs. We will also look at how different weaving techniques such as soumak can be employed in woven images, whether as outlines or solid blocks of colour, and how warp sett and weft thickness affect the level of detail in your work.

The class will have a particular focus on tapestry structure and strength, and we’ll be discussing how to create woven textiles which are detailed but also lie flat with no bulging of the warp or loose weft. Whether you’re aiming to weave for decoration or function, we will cover what materials to use and how to produce tapestries that stands the test of time.

Each class is carefully planned and structured but overall very much directed by what each student wants to learn. Through a mixture of verbal discussion, demonstration and personal practice, each student is guided towards an in-depth understanding of the specific focus of the class and tapestry weaving as a whole.

Students will get their own frame loom, weaving tools, warp thread and wool to take home with them, along with a copy of my booklet- “Tapestry Weaving: An Illustrated Guide” and detailed class notes.

Classes are held in my studio in Peckham, south east London and can take place during the weekdays and on weekends. You can also book all 3 of my one-to-one classes together at a discounted price! Email me at christybalfour@hotmail.com to schedule a class.